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[IP] basals

 I actually, at 26, experience this phenomenon too (maybe mine is due to
something else.) I have increased my basal to 0.8/hr starting at 11:30pm- (1
after I usually fall asleep. ) I probably could go higher but I have to re-do a
night time basal check and I have not felt like waking up 3-4 times per night
for 3-4 days. My "normal" day time basal is 0.5/hr. I too notice the change only
when I check after I fall asleep. Meaning, if I am up and doing something or
just watching TV I did not see the increase in BGR. But if I went to sleep and
woke up 2 hours later(same time as watching TV the day before) to check I am
much higher. Now it does not happen since I have changed it. I just thought I
was different than the rest and adjusted my basals according to my readings(most
peoples highest basal is earlier in the morning 5ish.) I also do have a lower
correction bolus ratio for bedtime than for day time (meaning I need more
insulin to complete correct a higher BGR if I am correcting at bedtime.)

 The thing for me is that it seems to be a spike (11-12pm , and no, is not my
dinner - I have proved this out) that tapers off later in the night and then
stays flat. So I adjusted to the spike and the tapered and that took care of
what I thought was a very early dawn phenomenon. Maybe my internal clock is set
wrong :o)

 Again, I am not growing (at least not up :o) so I am not sure what is going on
with me. I do tend to sleep like a baby so maybe that is it!!!! Since the time I
was able to control my increase at the 11:30 time I have had no issues with
morning readings.
Eloisa and Bombita (MM's Paradigm)
"Lynne Brecker" <email @ redacted> wrote:

>>I am adjusting my 10 year old son's basals.  At his midnight checks he would
be higher than at bedtime, 160-170 vs. 100s.  I increased his basals from 8pm
to 12mn to .8U/hr.  His usual daytime basal is .4.  Has anyone heard/read
about preadoloescents needing more insulin during those periods?  Is there
anything else I need to be concerned about?
Lynne, mom to Luke 10, diagnosed 11/01.
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