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RE: [IP] meter issues

Leonard Lutz [mailto:email @ redacted] wrote:

> i have two meters. the one is use, most of the time, and, the 
> other one,
> which, i keep upstairs, and use occasionally.
> this morning, i got up, and decided to try the other one 
> (names have been
> changes, to protect the innocent). It read 202.
> i showered, and decided to test one more time, before doing a 
> correction.
> The one i use, most of the time, read 160....
> Both meters are "modern", and both read "hemoglobin". theres enough
> difference, to claim other then "a few percentage points off"
> i, of coursed, averaged the two readings.....
> I have no answer for this, and cant complain to anyone, but 
> id thought id
> mention it

Assuming that you are correct and the "real" reading is an average of the
two, that would be 181.  181 +/- 20% is a range of 145 to 217 which contains
both readings.  Both meters are functioning correctly.

Jim Handsfield
email @ redacted
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