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[IP] Thrush--yuck

>>Will the Diflucan also take care of
> the thrush?


 Yes, the Diflucan should take care of the yeast in the mouth, as well as
elsewhere. It takes about 3 days to work though, so all of the other suggestions
given far may help in the meantime. Having diabetes tends to make you a fertile
ground for yeast anyway, so you may need to take another dose of Diflucan, or
even go on a lower every day dosing for a while if it continues.
 You also could try an over the counter vaginal yeast product (like the 3 day
treatment) to use at the same time. We even had people suck on the vaginal
suppositories, but I don't know that I could bring myself to do that! Nystatin
is a good choice. In our hospital, they also use an over the counter mouthwash
called Magic Mouthwash. A local pharmacy may know of where to get it.
 Some people also use plain yougart as a douche. Kinda messy but works. Just let
it stand at room temp and don't get any with fruit (unless, of course, you're
into that sort of thing).

Hope you are feeling better soon. I know you must have had enough by now!

Joann, Mom to Cara
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