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Re: [IP] Thrush--yuck!

> Last night the thrush symptoms started. (I feel so disgusting having all
> these problems) So here's my question: Will the Diflucan also take care of
> the thrush?

I take it from what you are saying you have oral thrush.  I've had thrush
while breastfeeding both of my children, but not in my mouth.  I'll let you
figure out where my thrush was located!

Thrush is caused by yeast and is a form of yeast infection.  In fact, many
of the treatments I used topically were the same treatments available over
the counter for a vaginal yeast infection.  So the Diflucan should help get
rid of the thrush.

As far as alleviating the symptoms, I'm not sure I can really help you,
since my thrush wasn't in the mouth.  I know I was prescribed Nystatin for
my babies mouths, but they may not want to do that while you've got the
Diflucan in your system, too.  I don't know.

Another technique I had recommended was baking soda dissolved in water.
Unfortunately, it has been too long for me to remember exactly the
proportions that were recommended.  But that was for the baby's mouth, so
you might try that.

I would also recommend taking acidophilus supplements.

I sure hope your infections don't linger as mine tend to do.  I've noticed
that vaginal yeast infections for me, respond much better to treatment than
yeast anywhere else in my system.  I've had just about every treatment known
to man in trying to battle them.  Hopefully your luck in this area will be
better than mine.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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