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Re: [IP] RE: birth control

Hi Mary,

It was actually my general doctor who was eager for me to try it (it was my
idea after reading that some women had a much easier time BG-wise when they
were on birth control).  My endo was not as excited--she was more concerned
with the increased stroke risk.  My endo's assistant said he wasn't
surprised my basals had increased so much.

So, I figure I tried something that works wonders for some women, but it
didn't work for me.  In addition to the diabetes factor, I also have cluster
migraine headaches and have had some bouts with serious depression which are
2 more "no-nos" to mix with birth control pills.  Also, yesterday, someone
(sorry I don't remember your name!) said when she turned 35 her doc said
that's too old--well, I'm 41!!

Oh well,


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From: "Mary Costello" <email @ redacted>
>  That is exactly how I am. We began at the same time too. My doctors all
> it's in my head or I'm eating too much or something. It's so frustrating!
I keep
> thinking if I stay on it and reset basils etc. it will all work out. Or if
> switch brands. So you're going off it for sure? Let me know if you change
> mind and I'm sorry you're having problems too!
> Mary
> original message:
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> been on Lo/Ovral for one month and had the same experience--basals
> running 40%+ over normal with frequent spikes.  The really awful thing
> is
> the only reason I went on it was to try to even out my BGs over the
> month
> (perfect for 2-3 weeks, 10-40% higher for 2 days - 2 weeks); but after
> this
> month of highs plus all the risks involved, I'm quitting!
> Best wishes,
> Lisa Mattox
> IDDM 26 years
> Animas Pumper 8 months)
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