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Re: [IP] Number of insulin vials monthly - wasted insulin

Habit I guess. Most of what I'm doing, is what I was taught when I started 
I've reused the reservoirs before but I never really though about changing 
just the tubing or just the site. How do you keep the rest of the stuff 
sterile? It comes all packaged together. I think I will have to start doing 
something in order to save money, so I will try to save the insulin that is 
left in the tubing and such.
I don't know if I can make my site last more than maybe 3 days because I 
swim and the water seems to loosen the tape's grip.

>   I'm wondering a couple of htings.  Why are you changing your sites out so
>often?  And why ar eyou changing the tubing each time you change your site?
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