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[IP] RE:birth control

Hi Adriana, 

 I saw your post about Yasmin and your question that I too asked. I recently
started birth control and have found similar problems with decreased insulin
sensitivity. I'm on Ovcon 35 and another pumper was on Lo/Ovral both of which
seemed to have the same effect on both of us- rollercoaster and spiked sugars
and almost doubled basil rates. I've researched this all over the internet and
the only thing I've found is that a lot of doctors think it's the progestin
potency that matters (actually a lot seem to think that decreased insulin
senstivity isn't a problem anymore with newer pills, not true in my opinion). I
know Yasmin uses a unique set of progestin supposedly closer to our own bodies
so I'm wondering if you've had better luck with this brand so far. I may switch
to Yasmin or Levlen soon which is why I'm curious how it's working.


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