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Re: [IP] Animas and Merck-Medco

Jenny's  pump is Animas and our mail order pharmacy is Merck-Medco. 
However, the arrangement with our insurance company (Aetna) is to order 
the supplies direct from Animas. We always get very prompt delivery 
(usually less than ive days). Only the insulin comes from Merck-Medco.


C. Jones wrote:

>I was just speaking with a representative of Merck-Medco and I asked about
>pump supplies.
>Q "What is an insulin pump?"
>A  "It's a mechanical device that pumps insulin"
>Q. "What is that name again?"
>A   " Animas"
>Q  "Is it all right if I transfer you to our pharmacist?"
>A  "Sure"
>Q  "How can I help you?"
>A "I'm looking for information about pump supplies?"
>Q  "What pump?"
>A  "Animas."
>Q  "We don't show an Animas in our database"
>A. "Just curious, do you have anything for Mini-Med?
>A "Yes we have pages on that one"
>Is there anyone else out there that uses Meck-Medco and has an Animas pump?
>How do you get supplies?
>who loves his Animas pump, but may have to get a paridigm to get supplies.
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