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[IP] A1C Fasting Question

As an A1C test is a determination of your average blood sugar level during
the past 2 - 3 months and it does this by measuring the amount of glucose
that has adhered to the hemoglobin in the red blood cells, is there a need
to fast for either 4 or 8 hours prior to drawing the blood for the test?  I
ask this because my new endocrinologist has asked that I do it, but neither
of my 2 previous ones did, nor have I fasted before using any test kit.

Have any of you been asked to fast before your tests by your

If fasting improves the accuracy, how and why does it do so?  Why should the
last 4 - 8 hours have a significant impact on a 2 - 3 month reading?

I have had or performed A1C tests for about 5 years without any fasting.
Were those reading possibly too high or too low, because I had not fasted?
If so, how much too high or low (please provide a maximum % range estimate)
might they have been?

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