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Re: [IP] flying?

> I just got done flying to Chicago, Fla and Minn.  I
> always tell the security folks that I have a pump on.
> It would beep when they wanded me anyway. Never had
> any problems with it at all.  Cynthia

Yes, it beeps when they wand you, but if, instead of being wanded, you walk
through the gate thing, it doesn't go off.  At least, not usually due to the

When I had a 504, I had to go through the hassle of being hand checked every
time I flew.  (The alarm on the gate thing sounded when I went through with
the 504.)  It is just so much simpler to say nothing and be done at the same
time my carry ons are done.

If I WERE being wanded, I would say something about it, but only then,
because it is necessary.  When you make an announcement that you are a
diabetic and are wearing an insulin pump, I think that creates an extra

That's just my opinion.  If you prefer to announce it to security, go right
ahead.  But you're not likely to be noticed if you don't, and if, on the off
chance you are, it doesn't take long to straighten things out.

That's why I don't tell the security people anything about my diabetes or my
pump unless necessary.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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