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Re: [IP] Number of insulin vials monthly - wasted insulin


  I'm wondering a couple of htings.  Why are you changing your sites out so
often?  And why ar eyou changing the tubing each time you change your site?
My Joshua, age 11, has been pumping 3+ years now.  He is on the Dis H-Tron+
and using MM Quick Sets.  He changes his site now every 5 days and we only
change out the tubing when we change out the cartridge, which is every week,
approx.  There is so much expense in doing it every other day.  It is not
necessary to change out the tubing every time you change the site.  Just
disconnect from whatever site you are using, change the site and reconnect.
Then fill the canula and you are done.

Of course, this is just MY opinion and I'm not a medical type person.  I
refuse to follow the manufacturer's 'advice' of change so often.  Of course
they aren't paying for the supplies we have to buy.  They benefit from the
multiple use of their supplies as well, so of course they are going to say
thetse things!!

Good Luck!

mom to Joshua

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> I was just going to write a message about how much insulin is wasted when
> saw this email. I was so surprised when I actually went through the
> Am I calculating this correctly? I hope I am wrong.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
> A bottle of insulin holds 1000 units.
> Say I use 45 units per day, and a month averages 30 days.
> 45 units x 30 days = 1350 units per month.
> Then add what is wasted. - Not even counting what might be lost in a
> If I change my set every 48 hours as instructed, that's ~15 set changes
> month.
> For every set I throw away 20 units in the tubing.
> That's 20 units x 15 changes = 300 units.
> So every month I'm throwing away almost 1/3 of a bottle of insulin!!!
> At $50 per bottle, that's $16 worth of insulin being tossed.
> When you prime, you can stop the prime function immediately when a drop
> comes out of the needle. So even though you are priming, you are not
> wasting most that insulin, you are pushing it through the tubing. You can
> stop it before most of it gets pushed out the end of the tubing and on to
> the floor.
> Has anyone discovered a good way to get the 20 units out of the tubing???
>   Hi:  With an insurance change I am now able to have Novolog covered.Can
> >help me to calculate # of vials I need monthly?  I use sils,change every
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