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Re: [IP] high altitude health

HaHaHaHa!!!!  This reminds me of when my Mom would buy a gallon of ice cream
in Aurora (elevation about 5,300 feet) and bring it up to my house in
Conifer (9,000 feet)--the top would be pushed up at least an inch, which, of
course, necessitated me eating the excess for the sake of getting the lid
back on while not being wasteful! <:~)

----- Original Message ----- Do you have to do things differently at high
altitudes?>> Gail replies: Yes, we look down on the rest of the world!...
Sometimes when you fly from one altitude to another, bottles (of anything -
shampoo etc) tend to not pressurize correctly.  But, you get used to stuff
flying out when you open the lid.
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