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Re: [IP] Thrush--yuck!


  I'm not diabetic, my son is.  But I'm half way through the Nystatin for
thrush.  Mine was so bad last week that I could not eat or drink anything.
I've been sick for two weeks and the crud I had went to my chest and
reactivated my asthma that I have not had to deal with for almost 4 years.
Well, in using the one inhaler a few times last week caused the thrush in my

Nystatin suspension swiggle in the mouth four times a day.  I have to
actually swallow it as well because the thrush is way down my throat as
well.  Also, yogurt with the active cultures will help increase the recovery
and help prevent any other yeast infection to occur...so I have been told!

Good luck!

mom to Joshua
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> Now that I am finally back to my normal self after a month of battling
> bgs and various illnesses I am now fighting thrush. I spent about 2-3
> on antibiotics (levaquin then tenoquin) and  10 days on an inhaler
> All this has reaked havic on my body. I went through two bouts of bad bad
> thrush about 6 years ago (to the point i couldnt eat anything). I am not
> that point yet, but I recognize these symptoms and it is just starting. I
> my gyno and was given diflucan for a yeast infection. I took it yesterday.
> Last night the thrush symptoms started. (I feel so disgusting having all
> these problems) So here's my question: Will the Diflucan also take care of
> the thrush?
> Also, what can I do to help eliviate the symptoms? 6 years ago i was told
> vinager helped. It tasted funny (who goes around gargling and brushing
> mouth with vinager on a regular basis anyway?!)  but it did help it out. I
> will eat more plain yogurt too. What else can I do?
> Thanks for any input!
> Adriana - dxd age 7 1988 pumping 1992
> ain't diabetes grand!
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