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[IP] Re: Number of insulin vials monthly - wasted insulin

> Say I use 45 units per day, and a month averages 30 days.
> 45 units x 30 days = 1350 units per month.
> Then add what is wasted. - Not even counting what might be lost in a
> If I change my set every 48 hours as instructed, that's ~15 set changes
> month.
> For every set I throw away 20 units in the tubing.

BUT, there are also 20 units in the hub (Luer Lock) that cannot be removed
and is wasted. I withdraw those *40* units from tubing/hub and add more to
the reservoir from a vial with the needle that came with it new.

Now, if I do not want to reuse my res., I also saved several needles from
years ago when they were twice as long as they are now and can stick that
into the res. (sans its needle) where the hub attaches and transfer it into
a new res.

I know several people here inject that insulin into another vial, I never
have. I also know some poeple will set their prime to run 5u onto a tissue
while showering (after hand-priming the tubing) but I stop as soon as I see
a healthy drip. Soooooo, add up the 20u for tubing, 20u for hub, and
possibly 4.5 units of excessive priming and that's even more wasted insulin.

BTW, Michael here taught me that if I foolishly run out of insulin and away
from home, I can disconnect and keep injecting with a syringe every few
hours with that 40u of *unusable* insulin. I don't use 40u in a day so it
will last a good amount of time until I can't get to safety. I carry a
syringe (used) with me just for this purpose.

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