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[IP] Animas and Merck-Medco

I was just speaking with a representative of Merck-Medco and I asked about
pump supplies.

Q "What is an insulin pump?"
A  "It's a mechanical device that pumps insulin"

Q. "What is that name again?"
A   " Animas"

Q  "Is it all right if I transfer you to our pharmacist?"
A  "Sure"

Q  "How can I help you?"
A "I'm looking for information about pump supplies?"

Q  "What pump?"
A  "Animas."

Q  "We don't show an Animas in our database"
A. "Just curious, do you have anything for Mini-Med?
A "Yes we have pages on that one"

Is there anyone else out there that uses Meck-Medco and has an Animas pump?
How do you get supplies?



who loves his Animas pump, but may have to get a paridigm to get supplies.
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