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[IP] Speaking of milk...

Has anyone noticed that the carbs in milk don't seem to follow exactly 
the insulin requirements as other carbs?

WHen I have 16 oz of milk, it works out to about 24 carbs.  I take 1 
unit per 10 g, so for that glass of milk, I would expect to take 2.4 

However, with milk, I've found that 2.4 units for that 16 oz is too 
much.  For 16 oz of milk, I find that 2 units is enough.

Just curious if anyone else has noticed this?  The odd thing is that I 
still have to bolus for the protein in the milk (about 18 g), but that 
I have to give through a square wave bolus over the course of 3 hours.

You might think that the .7 units I bolus for the protein should really 
partially apply to those carbs...but if I give 2.4 units and only 
bolus .3 units as a square wave, I will end up low in about 2 hours 

So, is lactose (the carb in milk) something that doesn't fully enter 
the blood stream as other sugars are?
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