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Re: [IP] More fun with my Paradigm

>Within one week, I had a NO POWER alarm with no warning that my 
>battery was 
>low.  It took 3 days to correct more unexplainable highs (yup, I 
>basals and all other pump functions after this error, and found no 
>identifiable problem, nor did the MM rep that I spoke with).  

What version of software does your pump have?  If you have version 
1.8c, I would request them to send you a pump with either 1.7c or 2.0, 
which at least the reports here have not see the battery issues that 
the 1.8 software has.  (I didn't get enough response on 2.0 to know for 
certain if that one has problems like the 1.8c software does.)

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