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Re: [IP] Number of insulin vials monthly

  You forgot something.... Insulin used to prime tubing and set. when I like
to have a bit of a backup so I add 7% +/- for the days I'm sick or feeling
good and want cake...

1030unit +10 site changes (300units) = 1330 + 7% =1423.1 units.... so real
use is 47.5 units daily....still only need 2vials but you never know...

It just so happen, this weekend I had a problem with the number of vials of
insulin I got....they would only give me a 1/3 the numbers I need.... so I
had a bit of a talk with Walg.... about my Rx when the nurse who only ok a
1/3 and when a e-mail and phone call with doctor.... To many times they
forget the insulin that I throw away unused in tubing...or if I get sick
like I did a month ago and need 200% more insulin to fight being sick



IT all comes down to 'WHAT IF"  we forget to plan for it, I guess I was
lucky for one of the things my first endo did is make me think about the
"WHAT IF's" in life. When I got sick in 98 .... I had a plan in place so it
was not as hard as others I know. what I did not plan of is the cost of
living today.

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> On 3 Mar 2003 at 16:21, Charlene <email @ redacted> wrote:
> >  Hi:  With an insurance change I am now able to have Novolog
> >  covered.Can you
> > help me to calculate # of vials I need monthly?  I use sils,change
> > every 2-3 days and use 35 units a day.  I prime 5 units and also .8 at
> > the end for the cannula.  I also push out insulin from the syringe
> > into the air as is now reccomended.  Can  I have some of our
> > collective wisdom?  Always gratefulm for IP.  Charlene
> > ----------------------------------------------------------
>  Simple enough calculation, 35 units times 30 days equals 1050 units.
There are
> only
>  1000 units in a vial, thus you need 2 vials per month to be prescribed.
> Simple!!! :>)
> George
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