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[IP] More fun with my Paradigm

Hi, all--
Well, I've had my new Paradigm for 3 weeks now, and am already back on shots. 
 Wow.  How's that for turn around?  

Within one week, I had a NO POWER alarm with no warning that my battery was 
low.  It took 3 days to correct more unexplainable highs (yup, I checked 
basals and all other pump functions after this error, and found no 
identifiable problem, nor did the MM rep that I spoke with).  

One week and two days after this, I got a LOW BATTERY alarm.  That was 
great...at least it told me what was going on, but it was only 9 days after I 
changed batteries the first time.  (My prior Paradigm was a freak, I 
understand, as I only swapped batteries every 4 or so weeks----don't use the 
special features, must help).  

Then, this past Saturday, I got another NO POWER alarm with no low battery 
alarm.  I'm kind of thinking there's a problem here.  

So, called MM this morning, and told them what was going on.  They've offered 
me yet another refurb'd Paradigm or a return to a refurbed 508.  I'm mulling 
the offer (remember, I demanded a new Paradigm upon the failure of my last 
one), and also told them it was likely I would be demanding a refund so I 
could switch pump companies.  

Which brings me to my question----how do you switch pump companies?  My 
insurance company has stated they will not get involved, but that they (even 
if I get their money back) are unlikely to pay for a different pump.  I know 
people do it, but how? Anyone have any experience they'd care to share?  
Please email.   
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