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Re: [IP] birth control

Hi Mary,

I've been on Lo/Ovral for one month and had the same experience--basals
running 40%+ over normal with frequent spikes.  The really awful thing is
the only reason I went on it was to try to even out my BGs over the month
(perfect for 2-3 weeks, 10-40% higher for 2 days - 2 weeks); but after this
month of highs plus all the risks involved, I'm quitting!

Best wishes,

Lisa Mattox
IDDM 26 years
Animas Pumper 8 months

----- Original Message -----
From: "Mary Costello" <email @ redacted>>  I've been reading about birth
control decreasing insulin sensitivity and I definately have experienced
this first hand in the last month or two (I'm on Ovcon 35 and taking twice
as much insulin as I was before and having wide blood sugar swings). Is
anyone aware of specific brands that don't influence BS as much?
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