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[IP] Yogurt, was a lot of problems.. anyone else???

At 02:41 PM 3/3/03 -0600, you wrote:
 >> one or a different variety? Many times also, when a woman is on an a.b. it
 >> causes a vaginal infection - there is a med that can counteract that. I
 >> forget what it is - maybe even Yogurt - but someone will probably know and
 >> will offer advice.
 >Yogurt is a good idea for preventing yeast infections, but I would take it a
 >step further.  Many drugstores have acidophilus supplements.  Sometimes they
 >require refrigeration so be sure to check.  I would take the supplements.
 >Yogurt has acidophilus in it, but it also has sugar (even the light stuff
 >has some sugar) which can contribute to a yeast problem.  The acidophilus
 >pills will give you the acidophilus without the extra sugar.

Plain (not flavored) yogurt is delicious and does not have any added sugar 
at all.  You still need to calculate for the carbs in the milk serving, but 
that's it.  Brands that carry plain yogurt also tend to have more active 
acidophilous cultures as their yogurt is processed less.

I have been eating plain yogurt for years. I started eating it any time I 
took an antibiotic on the advice of my pediatrician, whom I haven't seen in 
28 years.

BTW, yogurt is also generally well tolerated by people who are lactose 
intolerant, because the lactose gets broken down as the yogurt is cultured.

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