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[IP] Re: Basals

In all my reading on IP, I've never yet heard anyone mentioning doubling the 
basal rate for sleep time.  But this increased insulin need can sure happen 
for Claire.  The problem is that it is so sporadic.  Some nights she will be 
at the low end of normal bgs at bedtime and by 1:30 am she will be at 22.0!! 
(around 400). After that time period, she may or may not drop quickly.   I 
hate this, given that she is only 8 and is not growing rapidly.  I am not 
brave enough to set a double basal rate, as it only happens for awhile, and 
then stops.  But overnights have always been a struggle for us since pumping. 
      Your  Lily was too old for naps when she was dx (I hope!), but your 
explanation sure explains why parents of toddlers see such high bgs after 
unscheduled naps.  When I questioned the nurse about this when Claire was 3, 
she said it was just due to the inactivity, but I knew it had to be something 
else involved. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8        

> When kids go to sleep, growth hormone usual kicks in immediately. It 
> is not subject to the specific time of day, but is related directly 
> to the sleep phenomena. We solved this problem at our house by 
> leaving the basals at the "normal" or evening rate until several 
> hours after the latest expected bed time, then each night we set a 
> temporary basal rate to carry until it the real night time rate 
> picked up at 2am (for my daughter). This allowed her a flexible bed 
> time to accomodate study habits, late nights, whatever.... and still 
> provided her with the "double" basal rate she needed immediately 
> following bedtime. 
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