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Re: [IP] flying?

I just got done flying to Chicago, Fla and Minn.  I
always tell the security folks that I have a pump on. 
It would beep when they wanded me anyway. Never had
any problems with it at all.  Cynthia
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> > I am going to Arizona to watch some spring
> training.Are they allowing
> diabetic
> > supplies to carry on?I have not flown since 9
> -11.What precautions will I
> need
> > to take?
> When flying, and I've flown at least six or eight
> times since then, maybe
> more, I follow a don't ask, don't tell policy.  If I
> am directly asked about
> diabetes, I will acknowledge that I have it, and
> take that opportunity to
> mention any supplies with me.  (I am, of course,
> never asked.)
> I've carried everything, syringes, pump stuff,
> everything.  Never once have
> I ever been asked about it.
> You are supposed to bring your insulin in its box
> with the pharmacy
> prescription label attached.  It's a good idea to
> follow that just in case.
> But don't sweat it.  Officially, they claim to
> require such things, but when
> I send stuff through the scanner, they either don't
> notice it or say
> nothing.  I've even had them hand check my stuff and
> not say a word.
> Kristen
> dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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