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RE: [IP] Palm

call palm...they have excellent service/tech.....they will walk you through
the troubleshoot process....

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I just wanted to send a quick email about the palm M505 I wrote about being
interested in selling. It is no longer even being considered for saling. I
a lady wanting to buy it, I went to charge it up, and then was going to take
pictures of it, and now it won't do anything. The green charger light is on,
but not being charged anymore. Any of you tech guys/gals have any
as what could be wrong?? I feel horrible that this happened, it was working
perfectly last night and even this morning, so I don't know what happened to
it. Maybe it just isn't meant for me to sale it. I'm just glad the person
I didn't make the sale final with money/product and the it happen. I told
person they could just have the unit if they know anyone that could look at
it. Won't do me any good sitting here. I have a friend that works at Staples
that I plan on checking with on it. Thanks for the ones of you that were
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