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Re: [IP] Disconnecting and Water Parks

 I'm kind of behind on reading my e-mails, but I've been wondering about this
one and just had to respond

 Do you know if any of the park/ride attendants saw the pump or the holster when
you were getting on the rides? If so what park was this at? I've never been to a
water park with my pump yet, but when I've gone to "SplishSplash" in the past
they have been very strict about not allowing anyone on the slides wearing any
clothes with rivets or zippers on them (as some people try to wear jean shorts
over their bathing suits). I think that they were worried about both the person
and the slide or inflated tube being hurt/scratched/punctured. I would have
assumed because of this that they would not allow someone to wear a pump on the

Does anyone know anything more specific about this?
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