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Re: [IP] bolusing for fat

Robin, you seem to be doing what you need to, which is checking 
often.  Just keep good notes on specific meals, the insulin and BGs. 
Then next time you will get better at it.  This is the old 
restaurant/chinese/pizza/and now chilis/outback effect.  The cause is 
still uncertain, but one explanation is that free fatty acids in the 
blood decrease insulin senstivity for a period of time.  That is, it 
makes you like a type 2 for a while.  There are several studies that 
show this effect.  But it's not so simple, as the type of fat may 
play a role and there is  likely some interaction with insulin and 
glucose as well.  Be cautious and keep good notes.

<<<<<<<We currently are using a Htron pump, but will soon have the 
Cozmo. I know you
can do long-range bolusing for fat easier with this cozmo. Having never done
that before...how would you typically bolus for fat? With the Htron, we have
increased the basal to 150% for 2-4 hours but it is hit and miss. We spend
many nights correcting for a fatty dinner at Outback or Chili's, Pizza or even
his evening snack that seemed innocent...like Ritz Bitz with cheese. Our
biggest hurdle is feeling comfortable enough with corrections or 150%
overnight! It is scary because Kevin will not wake up with a low. SO, we check
ALOT during the night.
Kevin is usually at a good BG at 2-3 hours out from dinner...it is the 4-8
hours that is awful! We do corrections that normally would work, but with this
fat...it doesn't! Any light you can shed on how to do bolusing for high fat
with Htron or Cozmo...please HELP. We hope to be pumping with Cozmo at the end
of the week!  Robin>>>>>>>>>>
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