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[IP] unexplained low?

email @ redacted writes:
>Responding to: I thought I had a 2 hour window and then it was done.  I use
>Novolog, is this wrong?
>Chapter 13 of Pumping Insulin, Third Edition covers this topic. Prior to
>reading this chapter in preparation for going on the pump, I also thought
>that the insulin was gone after 2 hours.
>I have to agree with Wesley's earlier post about the Cozmo and how it
>handles this for you. Before going on the Cozmo, I had many lows caused by
>overcorrecting. Now, when I get my 2 hour beep/vibrate reminding me to check
>my bg, I can enter my bg test result and the Cozmo tells me what if any
>correction should be made. Quite often, it tells me that no correction is
>necessary when I thought the bg was high. As a result, in the last 238
>readings, I have been below 70 4 times, 3 of which were exercise induced.
>Sue (Memphis)

  I pump novolog too. While the chart in Pumping Insulin is for humalog they are
pretty close so I have had good luck consulting the chart. In fact I made xerox
of it and trimmed the little chart out and keep it on my night stand with my
 You are correct that novolog peeks after approximately 2 hours but it is still
active at 3 hours and not gone till 4 hours. Of course these things vary between
people but I have had success controlling lows by being more aware of unused
 When I don't have the table from Pumping Insulin handy, and I have bolused in
the last 3 hours, I just assume that half of my previous bolus is still active.
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