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Re: [IP] a lot of problems.. anyone else???

> one or a different variety? Many times also, when a woman is on an a.b. it
> causes a vaginal infection - there is a med that can counteract that. I
> forget what it is - maybe even Yogurt - but someone will probably know and
> will offer advice.

Yogurt is a good idea for preventing yeast infections, but I would take it a
step further.  Many drugstores have acidophilus supplements.  Sometimes they
require refrigeration so be sure to check.  I would take the supplements.

Yogurt has acidophilus in it, but it also has sugar (even the light stuff
has some sugar) which can contribute to a yeast problem.  The acidophilus
pills will give you the acidophilus without the extra sugar.

I have battled persistent yeast infections for months.  It started around
Thanksgiving.  They will respond to treatment and then come back.  Though I
presently don't have one, I wouldn't be surprised at all if it comes back
again, soon.  I had this feeling the last time I treated it it wasn't really
gone.  If it is gone for good, it must have been the acidophilus that
finally killed it.

Anyway, I also recommend and use PB 8, which is a kind of acidophilus
supplement that doesn't require refrigeration.  This is great stuff to keep
on hand, but you would probably want it sooner in this situation, so you
just take what you can find.

PB 8 is available online, and runs about $15.00, but check around.  I've
seen it as high as $24.00, and as low as about $9.00 for 120 pills.  (No, I
don't work for the company that makes it.  I just like the stuff.)

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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