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In a message dated 3/1/03 1:12:29 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> email @ redacted

hi bill,

i used to have a MM 508 but upgraded to a paradigm last july.  i love it and 
have not had a single problem with it that could not immediately be rectified 
over the phone by tech support that is available 24/7.  the pump is small, it 
fits in my pants pocket and i make a small opening in the pocket and run the 
line right up to the insertion site and nothing shows on the outside.  i 
thought the 508 was great too, but if was a little bulkier.  some complaint 
that the paradign reservoir is too small (180 units), but that amount lasts 
me three full days and you should be changing the site not less frequently 
than every three days since you run the risk of infection and a site more 
than three days old gets hard and the insulin does not infuse very well 
making control harder.

anyway, i am very happy with having chosen MM and i'd never go back to shots.

good luck to you and your wife,

tom from nj
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