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RE [IP] Dumbest things I've done

after 46 years, there are to many to mention, BUT, two recent (pre pumping)
ones come to mind.

i have taken 2 shots a day, for around 40 years.
this past summer, i started on the lantus / novolog routine
(what an improvement).
i took the lantus at 10:00 pm, and the novolog (using the pen), for each
One mourning (about 5 weeks into it), i got up, loaded my syringe with "my
evening lantus" dose,
and did it.... I looked at my wife and said "OH F#@&*% (darn it) You wont
believe what i just did ???" i survived..
(though, my doctor, did not consider my call, and emergency)

When i started this "new program", my doctor gave me a bottle of humalog (in
case i might need it).
(i could already see the "writing on the wall"). I finished a bottle of
lantus on thursday night.
since i no longer used regular or lente, the ONLY BOTTLE I SHOULD HAVE HAD,
was the lantus..
BUT NOOOOOOOO. for 3 nights, i shot 43 units of Humalog, and GUESS WHAT ?.
I DID NOT pass out at all (who knows why). when i went to take the lantus on
monday night,
like above, i said "             ".... well you know'

thats just a couple more recent ones

"Aint diabetes great ??"
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