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[IP] Dumbest things I've done

I thought I'd help start the thread with dumb things I've done.
I was diagnosed right before my 9th birthday. At first I was on three shots
per day. Then we cut it down to one per day (R+NPH). Which I thought was a
step forward then, but was not of course. When I was back on two shots per day
a year or so later, I did a dumb thing. My evening dose was quite a bit
smaller than my morning dose. I took my morning dose in the evening. I
realized what I had done as soon as I pushed in the plunger.
At first I was afraid to tell my parents what I had done, too. I kept quiet
for a few hours trying to figure out what I should do. Should I try to sneak
and pig out before bed?  What should I eat? How much?
Finally I did break down and tell my dad. My mom was at work and she called my
pediatrician and got a script for glucagon called in. She came home with the
glucagon from work and they woke me up every two hours all night to test me
and make me drink chocolate milk if necessary.
It wasn't a very fun time. I felt guilty for making everyone worry so much and
making them stay up all night on a work night. And then I felt like they
didn't trust me as  much anymore. It took away a little bit of my independence
for a little while because I went back to letting my mom or dad help me
I've done a lot more dumb things since I was ten or so, but that's the one I
remember most.

Sherry C
>From the massive city of Bowling Green, KY
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