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Re: [IP] Medic-Alert question

Looking at mine right now and it says "Insulin Dependent Diabetic/Uses
Insulin Pump. Do not disconnect without physician approval" Medic Alert
helped me determine what to put on it.

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<< >>> What should I put about the pump? Advice appreciated.>>>

 >mine has "diabetes mellitus on insulin pump">

 Since Type 2 is ALSO diabetes mellitus, is that enough info? Many people
 think because we are adults, we are T-2's. Medical people *should* know
 (those who need to see the engraving) what IDDM means - Insulin Dependent
 Diabetes Mellitus. >>

Aw, geez! What is it with the type 2 bashing? :-)

I could also put "diabetes mellitus on insulin pump" -- which is true, even

though I am type 2. Although I just have "diabetes insulin pump" on my

Jan and ElvisToo
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