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[IP] a lot of problems.. anyone else???

Ok so it started out about 2.5 weeks ago where i had an abcessed tooth.  The
Dr's put me on antibiotics.  Got the tooth pulled(it was still infected) and
ended up with the hole where the tooth was pulled getting infected.  Was put
on more antibiotics.  Infection cleared up.  On the last day i took my second
bout of antibiotics i woke up with a sore throat and my sinuses all clogged
up.  So all day today i have layed in bed trying to rest in hopes of this bug
or whatever i have getting worse.  Well i woke up at 10pm this evening with
the urgency to go pee.  Crawled back into bed and three minutes later again i
had to go.  Well i have been going pee needless to say around every three
minutes.  Then it started to hurt.  Not when i peed but when i felt i had to
go.  So i ended up in the E.R at 2:30 this morning.  He gave me more
antibiotics.  So i am now on my thrid week of antibiotcs.  I am having a
really bad couple of weeks.  But my question is 2 things.  1.  Has anyone been
on antibiotics and ended up with more problems?  And the second question is
has anyone have been all fine with going to the bathroom normal and then all
of sudden out of nowhere just start having to go the bathroom so frequent and
end up in a little bit of pain/burn?  They said it is UTI.

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