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Re: [IP] Palm

hello Jamie, I also have the palm m505 and I was wondering how do you get
the accucheck software on it?  I have the cd's but no way to install it to
my palm.  Also where did you get the Calorie King Diet Software?

Thanks so much...Eileen
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> I just wanted to throw this out here. I just recently upgraded my palm
m505 to
> a palm tungston. I am planning on saling my palm m505, and thought before
> list on on ebay, I would write about it here. On it I have the Accu-Chek
> software for the compact meter, you can transfer your readings to your
> You can see your averages, graphs, etc. It's pretty awesome. Then I also
> the ezManager software on it. Then it has the Calorie King Diet software,
> also the NutriCount software. I have no need for both of them.
> with my new one, I'm unable to transfer my accu-chek compact readings, but
> planning on going with the new one touch ultra smart pretty soon. If
anyone is
> interested in this email me privately at email @ redacted  I just
> thought this could give someone a nice oppurtunity to have a palm, plus
> already some programs for great control. If I sell it on ebay, I'll
> have to erase all the programs.
>                                Jamie
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