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Re: RE: [IP] Paradigm battery life.....

>  My calculations show that the 508 batteries are $26.00 for 9 which is 3
> changes worth. so thats $8.60 a change, so 3 months for $8.60 thats $2.86
> month Its gonna be a heck of a lot cheaper for the paradigm batteries and
> are easier to get. If you change the paradigm batteries every week it'll
> cost you $26.00 a year thats the same as 3 changes of the 508's, and thats
> if you change it weekly which very few do. Not only can you save money
with the
> paadigm but its easier to pop in a AAA then try to get those 3 other
> into the holder and get it in the pump.

Actually, you are forgetting a key difference that make the Paradigm
batteries cost more.  My insurance has always footed the bill for the 357s
my MM 504 and 507 used.

It is my understanding, however, that insurance companies are not paying for
the AAA batteries for the Paradigm or Cozmo.  So what was my insurance
company's responsibility has become mine.

That makes the Paradigm batteries cost more.

dxd 1985, pumping since 1990
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