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re:[IP] surgery advice

I had an upper g.i. on Friday scheduled for Friday morning at 10am and
it ended up not starting til after 12noon, the dr was behind.  I had
been fasting since 12 midnight.
I ate a snack at 11:30pm and went to bed.  In the morning I was high and
corrected, had a hard time getting it down even without food.  My
mornings have been getting worse, more insulin resistance but I was
surprised that happened with no food in my system.  By 10am I was 165,
30 minutes later I was 133 so lowered my basals to 70%.
As I lay there waiting I thought about that quick drop and decided to go
to 60%.
The dr showed up, gave me the IV drug to knock me out and I woke up
wondering when they were going to do the test!  I was extremely sleepy,
had a hard time waking up.  I was told that would happen.  It was so
hard though my dh asked the nurse if she'd checked my blood sugar since
I'd been back and the nurse said no and left.  After a few minutes he
brought me my meter and said go ahead and check.  My blood sugar was 44.
So, he called the desk and told them, they brought me orange juice and
said, "well we never check diabetics after the test, no one ever has a
Good thing I changed my basals to 60%, just a feeling I should, because
I might have been in the 30's.  I'm going by the diabetes office at the
hospital tomorrow and talking to them about the whole testing by the
staff there.  When I had same day elbow surgery 1 1/2 years ago they
were much more careful and concerned with my blood sugars.  Friday they
didn't even know I was diabetic til they asked me what meds I take and I
said insulin.  The nurse and the ET looked at each other and said,
whoops, guess we should get a test......
I was glad dh was there to hand me my meter, I was too out of it to tell
I needed to test.

Faith and SweetiePie, my mighty blue d-tron
diabetic 21+ years and glad to be here
pumping since 08-00

>>>>>>>>Re: [IP] surgery advice 

>>>I am having a surgery on Tuesday and can not eat anything after 
Monday.  My endo and I discussed dropping my basal (a lot!) until after
surgery. >>>

For my last surgery, I had talked to the anesthesiologist about pumping,
etc., and he wanted me to reduce my basal. I told him I would, depending
on my BG at the time. It <<<<<was 149 so I did nothing - since my basal
would carry me through. Due to the trauma of the surgery, BGs tend to
rise - after surgery I was 165 so I was glad I had not reduced.

>> My surgery isn't until 12pm, which causes me some concern.  <snip>  
>> (And
yes, I complained a great deal about the late surgery time!!) >>

Then you'll understand my complaining a great deal when a surgery in '97
was scheduled for 4:00 p.m.!!  I was so shook up over it I had a
monstrous headache and was throwing up at 3:55 p.m.  The nurse said,
"The dr's waiting on you!" And I can quit doing this for his
convenience???????  Well, they had to give me morphine to relieve me and
put me to sleep. But, that was before I had joined the 'net and learned
from all the great pumpers about basals carrying one through without any

Are you concerned about the hunger due to going without food that long,
or about a dropping BG due to no food? If your basals are set correctly,
you should even be able to go a whole day w/o any food and have BGs in a
good range.>>>>>>
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