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Re: [IP] Re: Birth Control Pills

> Does anyone have any info. on how Depo Provera affects bs levels?  I have
been on it for a while with no problems but plan to go off this fall to
start a family...

> <i never knew that the bcp had any effect on bg levels - neither my family
> doc nor my endo has advised me to go off of it.  i know that the little
> insert says that people with diabetes shouldn't be on the pill, but i
> haven't had any problems yet.>
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> My doctor, first CDE, pump trainer and Endo have all told me birth control
> pills cause higher blood sugars.  I have also read it somewhere (don't
> remember where).  I was on birth control pills for 18 years and quit
> them the moment I was diagnosed.  BCP's increase your risk of stroke, and
> does Diabetes, so I figured I didn't need the extra risk.  My doctors were
> relieved I elected to discontinue using them.  If you've been taking them
> all along, your insulin doses are probably adjusted to accomodate their
> effect.  My comment was in response to a post where someone's insulin
> suddenly decreased significantly after discontinuing BCP's.  Base on the
> information I've been given, that would only make sense.
> Shawna
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