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[IP] Re: Batteries

>That definately changes my mind
>about NOT wanting a paradigm. I get about 2-3 MONTHS worth of life out of
>batteries on my 507C. Heck, it seems like I get more life out of my
batteries on
>my 507C when the Low Battery alarm goes off than most paradigm users do. I
>wonder what is up there...


I get 3 1/2 to 4 weeks out of my batteries (I use Kodak Xtralife).  Using
Max batteries isn't a good idea.  They have greater power output for devices
that require more power, but also don't last as long as the regular

Anyhow, in my informal survey, the people having problems with batteries
seem to be those with the 1.8c version of the software.  Of those that
responded a week ago, nearly EVERY response dealing with batteries was with
the 1.8c software.

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