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[IP] Old hospital stories

My mom was telling me about some of my funny emerge stories from years ago. 
 I apparently was in with high sugars and the doctor came in and asked me
questions, whats your name, what school you go to etc,etc well I answered them
all in a different language - it was fluent, not gibberish just a differnet
language and I kept answering all the questions, the doc looked at my mom, my
mom looked at the doc then the doc said " I'll be right back" not sure what
happened then....I'd like to know what language!! I should take it up again!!

 And then the good old giggles times! Anyone that knows me knows that once I
start laughing I end up on the floor crying!! And one case the man in the next
bed had a heart problem that made him burp and burp and burp and of course me
with high sugars thats the funniest thing in the world!!
 Then theres the man who died in the bed next to me I over heard the nurses
saying he died and started laughing uncontrollably!! My poor mom there trying to
shut me up!!!!

 The movie Liar Liar!! that one killed me! the end when Jim Carey was riding the
stairs beside the airplane I was on the floor my brother came upstairs turned it
off and put the news on - hoping that people dying would stop me - It did
eventually but I'd already pulled a few muscles!!!

Summer (dx'd 1986 at age 4)
Pumping Nov.12/02 - Blue Paradigm
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