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Re: [IP] paradigm vs. animas

> I have the Paradigm and have never used the Animas because that was
> not an option through my insurance company.  I did start out with the
> 508 MM and can honestly say that when I have to change tubing and
> sites. That the Paradigm is easier.  They have changed the design of
> the reservoir and it is easier to fill with out a lot of air bubbles
> to get out.  I am not saying that I don't get them but I seem to have
> an easier time getting rid of them when I do.  Also Priming is very
> easy.  I have had to call their support and so far have had no
> complaints.  They are very friendly and helpful. Again I have never
> looked into the Animas because it was not an option.

 All pumps are an option for me and my insurance. I've trialed just about all
 available. Four and a half years ago Disetronic wasn't an option, but their
 department and I made it one! I've been pumping with the Animas IR1000 for 5
 now and have only had one small bubble in my cartridge/reservoir. I've only
called their
 tech support one time at 3 in the morning. I had my answer in less than one
minute and
was able to go right back to sleep.     :>)

Dx 64, "reborn" 8/13/98 and with everything on time with Animas 10/2/02

> Kim dx'd 1983 pumping 2 yrs
> > Hello,
> > Would appreciate any comments from users of either the Paradigm or
> > Animas pumps. Trying to make an indformed decision and need info
> > about problems, customer support, safety issues, etc. Thanks Bill
> > French
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