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[IP] Scary experience

From: "Brian Mozisek" <email @ redacted>
Subject: [IP] Scary experience

The other night I caught a stomach bug from my daugther and couldn't 
anything down.  The thing that scaried me was I had a BG in the 50's 
over two hours with signs of a hypo.  My wife had my glucagon shot 
incase we needed to use it, but I was able to keep enough food down to
slowly raise it.  My question I have is has anyone else experienced 
this and
what have you done?  We were on the verge to going to the hospital 
when my
BG finally started to come back up.

The other question that I have is for two days after this episode, I 
delayed sugar responses to food.  I figure this was due to my insides
getting turned inside out.  I would eat and my BG would move very 
slowly for
3-4 hours, and then all of sudden I would get the full effect.  This 
havoc with my boluses since I would go low after I ate because I 
bolused for
the whole meal.  Is there someway to compensate for this?  Has anyone 
experienced this after an illness?

- ----------------------------------------------------------
I have had the same effect after early DKA in which I get diarrhea 
before n and v. In treasting it I try to get Gatoraide down and find 
it difficult. I also notice this after a low in which I cannot get OJ 
downwithot heaving my guts out.  I try gatoraid first then try the OJ 
which works, also apple juice works if given first I do not know why 
the clear fluids work but it must be related to the post op 
instruction "try clear fluids po". Water does not work. the stuff must 
have sugar in it. no pulp OJ works fairly well.we have that for our 
grand kids sippy cups. I love OJ and often drink it "recreastionally", 

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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