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RE: RE: [IP] Paradigm battery life.....

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>  Well it would mostly have to do with the fact that the 
> paradigm uses one
> battery and that battery in general costs only .50Cents Do 
> the math and see
> which is better!

 Math has a little to do with this, I was way more concered with the ecological
aspect of throwing away so many batteries. Here's my breakdown of the money

Ok, here's my math. 

 I need to change my batteries on average, 5 times per year. Now I get my
batteries 'for free' because my insurance covers them, BUT Energizer 357
batteries can be had for $1.50 if I buy 2 and $0.75 if I buy 10 at
http://www.cheapbatteries.com/. So If I buy 15 batteries (a years worth for me),
I'm still only at $11.25USD and only 15 small batteries to recycle.

Total cost/year for 507C = $11.25
Total batteries for the year = 15

 Just guessing here, but it seems like people are changing their paradigm
batteries about once every 3 weeks. That would be about 18 battery changes per
year. On the same site as above, I can buy 24 AAA Energizers at $0.35/battery
which equals $8.40. This option is cheaper.

Total cost/year for Paradigm = $6.30
Total batteries for the year = 18

 In the end, for me, I feel better about the first option. Not only do the
batteries have a longer life, they are smaller, and I use less of them per year.
I would much rather have to recycle 15 small 357 batteries than have to recycle
18 larger AAA batteries. Yeah, you can say it, I'm a hippy-tree-hugger :P

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