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RE: [IP] Paradigm battery life.....

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> From: Shawna [mailto:email @ redacted]
> Subject: [IP] Paradigm battery life.....

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> <I was told not to use Energizer Max batteries in the pump, 
> only the regular
> battery.  I have noticed though that my battery life has gone down the
> longer 
> I have had my pump.  I got 2-3 weeks for the first couple of 
> weeks, now I 
> change about every week.  use my remote and sometimes use the vibrate 
> feature.  I use the backlight alot too and I know all of 
> these features
> drain 
> the battery. YMMV:)
> -------------------------------
> I use the Energizer Max batteries and they last about 4 
> weeks.  I use the
> backlight a lot, but not the vibrate or remote.

 Damn, the batteries really only last that long? That definately changes my mind
about NOT wanting a paradigm. I get about 2-3 MONTHS worth of life out of my
batteries on my 507C. Heck, it seems like I get more life out of my batteries on
my 507C when the Low Battery alarm goes off than most paradigm users do. I
wonder what is up there...

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