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[IP] bent needle

On Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:52:14 -0500 "Cara Hite" 
<email @ redacted 
 > Can you tell me the reason for using the bent needle?  I am asking 
 > my daughter's cannulas always kink, I've tried the bent needle but 
 > her an infection...
 > Thanks, Cara

I still use the bent needle because it was the most advanced infusion 
set available in 1995 when I started pumping. I was also concerned 
whether the bent needle would be satisfactory when I went for bicycle 
rides, and I found that it was indeed satisfactory. My concern about 
bicycle riding also steered me away from the later infusion sets that 
have cannulas that bend or kink for reasons that no one ever seems to 
sure of. When the Quick Release was introduced on the bent needle I 
... Tom Beatson.. 

The bent needle as well as other needles are composed of an alloy 
which often contains nickle. this metal is often  results in an 
allergic reaction in the skin which looks like an infection. I cannot 
suggest a suitable alternative, having used the bent needle myself for 
swimming, etc, 
A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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