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[IP] shipping pumps with batteries in

John LaMaide said:
>>>  Does MM or other pump company or Glucose meter company ship new
equipment with batteries installed?  No they don't, as they have no 
when it will first be used, setting on a shelf for months and the 
going dead..... There may be batteries partly in place or a strip of 
inserted to keep the contacts from touching
Good luck and MM if your listening, Please correct me if I am wrong.   
Animas ships their pumps with the batteries in and the time set to 
Eastern Standard Time. Somehow they silence the pump so it does not 
siren because it is not running any basal program. On a swap out of a 
pump I get my new pump the next day, Im in Philly, They are in Frazer, 
30 miles west of Philly so it takes no time to send stuff back and 
forth. spot, in ice cold philly, full of ice mounds, a few major 
streets closed with huge mounds of snow. 

A L Bender. M, D.
email @ redacted
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