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> I had an alarm go off last nigh it was the first time in 4 years (mm507c)
> anyway I called mm they did a test w/ me it turned out to be I used
> liquid adhesive  for the first time I didn't let it Dry long  enough and
> it got into my tubing. I just thought I'd let you all know  what a dummy i
> can be :-(
> kristy
>  pumping 4 years dxd age 2 now 22

Sorry Kristy,  I think I'm still holding the title here.  I had no batteries
for my pump and had to drive through a snow storm to get replacements.  And,
a week later I ran out of insulin in my cartridge and had no way of
refilling it.

And, I did all those dumb things without really trying <smile>

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