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Re: [IP] Variations in BG readings

   How do I adjust my Profile to be plasma-calibrated?  I'm confused.  How am 
I supposed to know what my blood reading really is I get different readings 
from the meters because of one measuring whole blood and the other measuring 
plasma?  Which one is the best way to measure?  I would treat myself for a 
reading of 56, But not necessarily for a reading of 79. If I get a high 
reading, I would give more insulin for the reading that is 20 points higher 
than the other one.  How do I know if I'm treating myself correctly if these 
two types of meters give me differing results because of how they measure my 
blood glucose?  As I said, I'm confused.  I'm glad you told me about the way 
they measure my blood glucose, I've never of that before, whole blood vs. 
plasma.  Oh, by the way I can subtract, I guess I hit the wrong key on the 
keyboard.  I don't read over my mail after I write them, so I tend to miss 
mistakes.  Thanks for pointing out that I wrote 33 instead of 23.
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