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Re: [IP] Variations in BG readings

>I don't consider that a big difference.  I wouldn't worry about a
>of 3-4.  Now I did the same thing last night, compared my Ultra Smart to my
>One Touch Profile.
>Ultra Smart   56
>Profile   79
>That worries me.  Were all my readings that I've been getting wrong?  I'm
>just glad that I got a new meter.  I think 33 difference is kinda scary.  I
>retested on the Ultra Smart again right after I checked the Profile and got

Comparing the Ultra to the Profile isn't comparing apples to apples.  The
Profile is a whole-blood reading, whereas the Ultra is Plasma-calibrated.
You SHOULD expect the Ultra to read lower than the Profile because of that.
(Whole-blood glucose values are higher than Plasma-calibrated values.)

Also, note that the difference between 79 and 56 is 23, NOT 33.

If you adjust the reading on the Profile to be Plasma-calibrated, I think
you'll find it pretty close to the Ultra.

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