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Re: [IP] unexplained low??

I have also recently seen my morning #'s go a bit crazy. For several months, 
they had been almost perfect - 70-110 nearly every morning. Then sometime in 
January, I would wake up every morning either below 60 or above 170. Through 
basal testing, I finally got my basal adjusted to get decent numbers, but 
through the process, I discovered two new things (that weren't previously 
true for me). #1 - while my normal correction ratio is 1:40, if I do a 
correction before breakfast, I need to use a 1:160 ratio (yes, that much 
difference). #2 - if I have a high fat (more than 20 g fat)/high carb 
dinner, or any high fat snacks after dinner, I need extra insulin overnight 
- even a dual wave over 3 hours wasn't catching a rise long after I had 
eaten. Now I give myself a square wave of 1 unit over 6-8 hours at bedtime 
if I've had any high-fat, high-carb foods during or after dinner. These two 
together, along with the basal rate changes seem to be getting me back on 
track. Don't know if this is anything like your situation, but I thought I'd 


It is amazing to me how my insulin needs could suddenly change like that. 
Around the same time, I went off the pill, and started taking vitamins in 
preparation for trying to get pregnant. I'm guessing that's what caused the 
change for me. And no, not pregnant yet, so I know it's not that causing the 
difference. =)

Type 1 8 years, pumping 9 months with Buzz the MM Paradigm

<snip>and I think I may have figured out my problem.  Acutally, my morning 
>have been wierd lately, one morning I had a 400, then the next morning a 
>then followed by a couple of 170's.  So I thought, time to do a night time
>basil check again.  Haven't done it yet, am definately doing it tonight if 
>can.  Anway, I wake up this am with a 294 at 7:00, frustrated, I take my
>correction bolus 1 for 25 so I take 7 units, playing it safe.  Then I go
>about my business and re-check at 9:00, and my BS is 118.  Ok, life is 
>right????  At 10:00 I have 2 pieces of banana bread which according to the
>package would be about 92 carbs.  I take my 9 units.  Kids start showing up
>at my house to work on a project and a mom comes in, she's also a friend, 
>are talking and I tell her I don't feel so good, I think my sugar is dropp
>ing.  It's hard to focus on her and what she is saying, so I invite her to
>come with me to the kitchen to check and my BS is 33!!!  OMG!!!  I start
>eating those glucose tabs like there is no tomorrow, I tried to count how
>many, but I couldn't.  I sat down, asked her to pour me some Sprite and I
>drink that.  She commented that I didn't look so good, I lost my color in 
>lips.  After about 15 minutes of non-stop sugar binge I'm feeling better.  
>check and my BS is 94.  Of course it continued to creep up through out the
>day, and I've been in panic mode, so I'm afraid to do too much of a
>correction, so I'm slowly bringing it down, checking every hour.  As I'm
>racking my brain, trying to figure this one out, it dawns on me that my
>upstairs One Touch Ultra just got a new vial of strips about a week or so
>ago.  Hmmmm, I just went up and checked and sure enough, the callibration
>code was wrong.  I don't know exactly what happened today, I've never ever
>came down so low before, this is my lowest recorded blood sugar.  I do know
>that both of my One Touch's are now correctly callibrated to the test 
>:-), and like I said, if I can get a decent sugar by 9:00 pm I'll do a 
>time basil check.  The other thing I'm thinking is that maybe my ratio is 
>quite right any more, the other day I had 40 grams of carb, and at 1:8, I
>gave myself 5 units and 2 hours later my BS was 64, that's why I changed it
>to 1:9.  Should I try 1:10?  I also started taking vitamins last week on a
>regular basis, does this affect blood sugars?
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