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[IP] Travel & Support Groups

Pumpers and Friends,
   Well I hope everyone is having a great weekend. I got my doctors ok to
make road trips again. So I was thinking of some trips  I may make this
summer. And I have a project for myself. At one time I had a list of support
groups all over the USA; and had stop at 1/2 of them (105) at that time back
in the 90's.
    So if you know of a Diabetic support group and / or pump support group
in your area, PLEASE send me the contact info.

The Groups name:
Day and Time of meeting:
Contact Person:
Type of group: diabetes and or pump support:

I will be happy to put all of the info together and share it with the group.
And you never know when or where I might show up!  hey SaraSP......Fran, I
hope to make it down to AZ   sometime  in the next few months.

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